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Hello there! Welcome to my blog! I'm no one special, just a small town country girl who lives to laugh and find joy in everything around me. One of my favorite Disney movies has always been Mary Poppins and I must admit that it took almost 30 years to completely understand the meanings behind the music. Just a spoonfull of sugar will help the medicine go down. Well, isn't that just life in general? Everybody has pills they have to swallow from time to time. Wether its heartbreak, unwanted bills, medical issues or family problems, we all face something on our day to day walk through this life. 

But along with all that comes the joy we find at the most unsuspecting moments. Simply looking up at a sunset on your drive home from a rotten day and seeing that God remembered your favorite color to remind you that you are loved. 

Let us begin this journey together as I learn how to blog and you sit back and read it.

I'm Mary and in August, I turned 40. I have one son, Jason, who is 17. We live on a small farm in a small town called Lemonville, TX which is located on the border of TX and Louisiana where they meet with the Gulf of Mexico. 

Do you love animals? Well here at my crazy farm we have tons of chickens, 2 dogs and 2 horses. Animals just come and go here but they all leave their mark and end up as crazy as the lady who loved them and raised them.

 I'm a Christian woman who finds God more around her everywhere outside of a church building but we do sometimes attend a Lutheran church down the road.

 If you ever feel like I have offended you, please submit all complaints in writing and I will forward them to my dad for response. After all, I'm just like him so it was all his fault and not mine. 

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